“Blue Yodel” by Ansel Elkins

Blue Yodel” just wrecked me. My only regret is that I can’t read this book again for the first time. At least I’ll have other times.

“Death, Captain,
is not what I feared it would be.
I was blown through death.
Death blew through me.
I was sewn into the wind itself
as a singing voice blown out to sea.”

Ansel Elkins



Sally Wen Mao’s Stunning and Tongue-Befuddling Debut Collection

I’ve been waiting for months to read Sally Wen Mao’s Mad Honey Symposium.  I just started, and it’s kinda knocking me wordless. All I can really manage right now is “damn.”  Maybe I’ll be able to say more later.  First my mind must gather and salvage the parts of itself that just got blown.  Until then, consider this my whole-hearted recommendation.