Poems Online


West Branch & Verse Daily: Demolition Psalm

Valparaiso Poetry Review: Inverse Icarus

Diode:Dog-Head” & “Eze, France

Drunken Boat:  The Gospel According to Haldol

Grist: the Journal for Writers (via Litragger):  The Gospel

According to Rust

Blackbird:Foregone Psalm,” & “Sound Wall

The Adroit Journal: Havenwyck Hospital, 2002,”

& “Unguided Tour of the French Riviera

Linebreak: My Anti-Psychotic Has a Class Action Lawsuit

Against It

TriQuarterly:  On Getting Dumped by Mania in a Strange City,”

& “Chaos Non Sequiturs

Zone 3:  Salvation Army

The Baltimore Review:  Church of the Pyromaniacs

Juked:Scar Gallery

The Pinch:Nursery School Epistemology

Thrush Poetry Journal: Moonwreck,” & “Epithalamium

Devil’s Lake:  Camp Prodigal Sun

Foundling Review: Montpelier Farm

The Rumpus:  Love Ghazal” (pg. 7)

New Delta Review:  Atlantis,” & “Red Eye

Terrain.org:  Eulogy for Week-Old Roadkill,”

& “Michigan Spring



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