Ninth Letter: “On Oversharing with a Passenger Who Stares into

Space” (forthcoming)

DIAGRAM: “Ascending Psalm” (forthcoming)

cream city review: “Housesitting without a Prescription”


POETRY: Dog Head” (2016)

Anthropoid: “Blood Map,” “Church of the Strewn

Pharmaceuticals,” & “The Parable of the Air House” (2016)

Colorado Review:Hell Placard: for the Inability To Love

Enemies” (2016)

The Carolina Quarterly: “Daedalus Builds a Treehouse,”

Psalm for a Great Lake,” & “This City Hands Me Myths;

I Hand Them Back” (2016)

Passages North: “Pantoum with Pharmaceutical Warning,”

& “Shoreline Ghazal” (2016)

Verse Daily: Demolition Psalm” (appeared originally

in West Branch) (2015)

West Branch: “Cor-Ten Steel” & “Hypnotic Psalm” (2015)

Valparaiso Poetry Review: Inverse Icarus” (2015)

Salamander: Time Capsule: Summer, 2001

& “Manic Aubade” (2015)

Bayou Magazine: “Doomsayer’s Wish List” (2015)

Drunken Boat: The Gospel According to Haldol” (2015)

Diode: Dog-Head” & “Eze, France” (2015)

Blackbird:Foregone Psalm,” & “Sound Wall” (2015)

The Adroit Journal:  “Havenwyck Hospital, 2002,”

& “Unguided Tour of the French Riviera” (2015)

Linebreak: My Anti-Psychotic Has a Class Action Lawsuit

Against It” (2015)

Best New Poets 2014: The Gospel According to Rust

(appeared originally in Grist) (2014)

Ninth Letter:  “On Meeting Your New Roommate

in an Adolescent Psych Ward,” & “The Comedian’s Therapy

Session” (2014)

Zone 3:  “Salvation Army” (2014)

Salt Hill:  “Desert Psalm” (2014)

TriQuarterly:  On Getting Dumped by Mania in a Strange City,”

& “Chaos Non Sequiturs” (2014)

New Millennium Writings:  “Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical

Museum,” & “Trenton, Michigan” (2014)

The Baltimore Review:  Church of the Pyromaniacs” (2014)

The Pinch: Nursery School Epistemology” (2014)

Thrush Poetry Journal:  “Moonwreck,” & “Epithalamium


The Greensboro Review: “On Finding the Words to Explain

Mosh Pits” (2014)

Juked:  Scar Gallery” (2014)

Devil’s Lake & Verse Daily:  Camp Prodigal Sun” (2014)

A cappella Zoo:  “From Our Staircase We Welcomed

the Miracle” (2014)

Foundling Review:  “Montpelier Farm” (2014)

Hayden’s Ferry Review:  “Bone Reading” (2013)

The Rumpus:  Love Ghazal” (pg. 7) (2013)

New Delta Review:  Atlantis” & “Red Eye” (2013)

South Dakota Review:  “Rural Legend” (2013)

The Southeast Review:  “Busted Mirror of Everything

under the Sun” (2013)

Raleigh Review:  Gingerbread House” (2013)  Eulogy for Week-Old Roadkill

& “Michigan Spring” (2012)

3 thoughts on “Publications

  1. I don’t know what it is about the final two stanzas of “Michigan Spring,” but it’s one of those poems that freezes the heart, and makes it somehow glad to have been frozen. I like it very much.

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