Another Song from Carcosa

“Lungs” by Townes Van Zandt.  This is yet another amazing song introduced to me by watching True Detective.  I love when you can hear the wounds in a song: “Fingers walk the darkness down/Mind is on the midnight/Gather up the gold you’ve found/You fool, it’s only moonlight.”  I also love the lines, “Seal the river at its mouth/Take the water prisoner/Fill the sky with screams and cries/Bathe in fiery answers.”  These lines bleed and sound good doing it.  I love the last verse: “Jesus was an only son/And love his only concept/Strangers cry in foreign tongues/And dirty up the doorstep/And I for one, and you for two/Ain’t got the time for outside/Just keep your injured looks to you/We’ll tell the world we tried.”  Absolutely haunting.  This is what Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne” would sound like if it went off its meds, moved to Texas for a decade, and decided one day to set itself on fire.

Touch the Darkness

“Far from any Road”

An awesome song for an awesome intro to an awesome show!  The song, “Far from any Road,” by The Handsome Family, has some of the most evocative lyrics I’ve heard in awhile: “And rise with me forever,/Across the silent sand,/And the stars will be your eyes,/And the wind will be my hands.”  I love True Detective, too.  Everyone should watch it.  So should their mother.