Live at Linebreak!


Happy Tuesday, everyone. My poem, “My Anti-Psychotic Has a Class Action Lawsuit,” went live on Linebreak today. I’ve loved Linebreak for a long time now and am thrilled to have a poem there!  Many thanks to the Tory Adkisson for reading it, and to Ash Bowen and Jonathon Williams for giving it a home!

Terrance Hayes at the Library of Congres

I saw Terrance Hayes give a lecture at the Library of Congress today. He had a lot of wonderful ideas. The idea of receptiveness to influence as a type of vulnerability, fluidity as an ingredient of innovation. What I found most intriguing was his idea of perpetual apprenticeship. Practice without the goal of mastery. Never settling into yourself as a poet. He used Etheridge Knight as an example of the “fluid poet.” He also referenced this wonderful poem by Marcus Wicker in Rattle. The first time I read this it knocked me on my ass. After today’s lecture, I figured it was time for another round.