The 50 Best New Poets 2014 Finalists…

Best New Poets 2014


Christine Adams, “Accretion: A Study”

Annik Adey-Babinski, “Wash Bucket”

Nico Alvarado, “Tim Riggins Speaks of Waterfalls” (nominated by / previously published in Gulf Coast)

Kate Angus, “Wild Rabbits Have Sharp Eyes”

Linda Blaskey, “Looking West Toward the Ozarks” (previously published in Mojave River Review)

Daniel Bohnhorst, “In Aleppo”

Chuck Carlise, “I Can Tell You a Story” (forthcoming in Third Coast)

Anders Carlson-Wee, “Icefisher” (previously published in The Pinch)

Christopher Citro, “Gathering a Few Facts”

Noel Crook, “Notes from a Salt Flat Prisoner” (nominated by / previously published in Smartish Pace)

Karen Embry, “My Love Affair with Darth Vader”

Sara Gelston, “Orbiter”

Benjamin Goldberg, “The Gospel According to Rust” (previously published in Grist: The Journal for Writers)

Lenea Grace, “Yukon River”

Miriam Bird Greenberg, “Shortness of Breath” (nominated by / previously published in The Paris-American)

Richie Hofmann, “After” (previously published in Ploughshares)

Jen Jabaily-Blackburn, “For Gene Kelly”

Wayne Johns, “Delirium” (previously published in New England Review)

Danielle Jones-Pruett, “American Bittersweet”

Andrea Jurjević, “For Yugoslavia’s More Fortunate Ones” (previously published in Verse Wisconsin)

Lisa Kwong, “An AppalAsian Finds Home in Bloomington, Indiana”

Peter LaBerge, “Peter”

Quinn Lewis, “Flora and Fauna: Eyarth Station, Ruthin, North Wales”

S.H. Lohmann, “Lullaby”

Karen Malzone, “Quiet Moon and Harvested Fields” (nominated by the Drew University MFA Program in Poetry and Poetry in Translation)

Amanda Jane McConnon, “Life on Earth”

Corey Miller, “Willow Lake Mine” (previously published in Narrative)

Matthew Minicucci, “A Whale’s Heart”

Jenny Molberg, “Marvels of the Invisible” (nominated by the University of North Texas Creative Writing Program, poem forthcoming in North American Review)

Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren, “The Civil War Photographer (previously published in The Jet Fuel Review)

Erin J. Mullikin, “Leavings That Change the Future”

C.L. O’Dell, “My Father Named the Trees”

Rosanna Oh, “Erasures”

Joy Priest, “Nightstick”

Jacques J. Rancourt, “Open Shed” (previously published in ZYZZYVA)

Iliana Rocha, “Looking at Women” (nominated by the Western Michigan University Creative Writing Program)

Erin Rodoni, “Two Nights in Room Nineteen” (previously published in Verse Wisconsin)

Nicole Rollender, “Gettysburg”

Carey Russell, “Mackerel” (nominated by / previously published in Cumberland River Review)

T.J. Sandella, “Kayaking, Early Morning” (previously published in Zone 3)

E.C. Sawatzky, “Repeat Offenders” (nominated by the University of British Columbia Creative Writing Program)

Brittney Scott, “The Money Shot”

Matt Sumpter, “American Manhood”

Talin Tahajian, “The river burns /”

Gabriella R. Tallmadge, “Marriage An Animal Language” (previously published in Crazyhorse)

Ocean Vuong, “Anaphora As Coping Mechanism” (nominated by / previously published in Southern Indiana Review)

Anna Rose Welch, “Le Petit Mort”

Lisa Wells, “Self-Portrait with Manco”

Phillip B. Williams, “Do-Rag” (previously published in Poetry)

Jeremy Windham, “After the Funeral” (previously published in The Lake)

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