Another Song from Carcosa

“Lungs” by Townes Van Zandt.  This is yet another amazing song introduced to me by watching True Detective.  I love when you can hear the wounds in a song: “Fingers walk the darkness down/Mind is on the midnight/Gather up the gold you’ve found/You fool, it’s only moonlight.”  I also love the lines, “Seal the river at its mouth/Take the water prisoner/Fill the sky with screams and cries/Bathe in fiery answers.”  These lines bleed and sound good doing it.  I love the last verse: “Jesus was an only son/And love his only concept/Strangers cry in foreign tongues/And dirty up the doorstep/And I for one, and you for two/Ain’t got the time for outside/Just keep your injured looks to you/We’ll tell the world we tried.”  Absolutely haunting.  This is what Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne” would sound like if it went off its meds, moved to Texas for a decade, and decided one day to set itself on fire.

Touch the Darkness

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