Hayden’s Ferry Review Live Reading…

I just finished doing a live reading for Hayden’s Ferry Review Issue 53.  Such a rush!  I read my poem which appears in that issue, as well as several that have appeared in other mags.  I’m watching my brothers and sisters in Issue 53 strut their stuff.  Again, immeasurable thanks to the awesome editors of HFR for including us in its pages, and for putting this event together.  There are so many talented poets and writers reading tonight it’s ridiculous.  Check them out:


8 PM—Introduction by Sam Martone
8:10—Kelsey Ronan
8:20—Brandon Amico
8:30—Benjamin Goldberg
8:40—John Holliday
8:50—John James
9—Sandy Longhorn
9:10—Ruth Joffre
9:20—Ray McManus
9:30—Kelly Magee
9:40—Chelsea Biondolillo
9:50—Emma Sovich




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