Goodbye, Bread Loaf

So I’ve descended the mountain and have landed somewhere back in the middle of my life.  My head hurts.  I need water.  And sleep.  The last thing I need to do is write, yet writing this is the first thing I feel compelled to do.  I’m in the airport right now, but I still feel like I’m at Bread Loaf.  This experience has inhabited me in such a wonderful way—haunted me, really—and I hope I’ll continue to feel this for awhile.  I could ramble for pages about the experiences, the insights, and most importantly the people (and I will), but for now I’d just like to thank everyone that organized, attended, participated in, otherwise took part in the animation of Bread Loaf.  I hope your experience was as rich and fulfilling as you helped make mine.  You all are wonderful, and I’m thinking fondly of you.

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